Our Mission

To help all women become the best versions of themselves by boosting confidence and spreading optimism. To offer elite extension services without causing unnecessary harm to the client.


Private training offered at the SKW Education Center in Springfield, IL. This includes a full day of training with a live model from start to finish. Contact us for more information.

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Our Team

My name is Sarah K Wilks. I am the creator of SKW extensions. I became a cosmetologist in 2006, a nurse in 2009, and a nurse practitioner in 2013. I have a strong passion for both fields so I merge the two together in practice.

Combining all my years of experience as a hair stylist and medical provider I have developed an elite extension method that focuses on the health of the hair and scalp.

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Student Testimonials

I have been doing extensions for over 10 years. I am certified in several brands but my favorite method of install is definitely SKW. For clients it is the most comfortable and versatile method for hand tied hair extensions. The attachments are so light and there is minimal contact to the clients natural hair. Since the attachment lays with the natural fall of the hair the track can be flipped up with ease seconds after it’s installed vs waiting a couple weeks for it to grow out.

As a stylist, this is a fast method to install a lot of hair. Comparatively, with other methods it could take up to 10 hours to achieve the same thickness with a single stranded fusion method. Our careers can take a toll on our bodies from standing in one spot for so long. Since SKW is quicker to install my shoulders are less stressed and tight from holding my arms forward for so long. I can’t say enough about it. In my eyes, it is the best.

- jennifer johnson janisch

I’ve been doing extensions well over a year now. I have done too many installs to count and SKW by far has been the most comfortable and has caused less shedding for my clients. Not to mention 2 weeks ago one of my clients went to a dermatologist and the Dr wanted to know who did her install so she could recommend people! I was super excited!

- joni garrison carpenter

Sarah, Thank you! The person that you are is exactly who I needed. From the moment you walked into class you set my nervous heart at ease. I have such an excitement stirring and you helped fan that flame!!

- sarah mcneely simmons

I invested thousands of dollars into another hand tied method to leave me frustrated and losing sleep about tension on clients scalps. I signed up for this class, hoping for relief when sending my clients home. I walked into class and instantly felt welcomed. I learned SKW, and had that “ah ha” moment. I returned home and watched my clients in awe with the comfort and instantly knew this was the right choice. It clicked with me and my clients. Worth every penny and every relationship I've built since going to class. 100 percent recommend SKW.

- tabitha winninger

I’ve been doing extensions for over 10 years and I’ve always stayed away from hand-tied extensions because of the damage it typically causes on a clients scalp. I stumbled upon SKW extensions and couldn’t wait to take the class. Sarah and the instructors gave me the confidence and the know how to install this amazing method that prevents bald spots, flaking, and allergic reactions. It’s very comfortable and because I’m so confident in this system, I choose to wear the SKW method myself. The support from Sarah is amazing. I am so proud to be an SKW certified stylist!

- katie mcintyre



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