About Our Team

Helping all women become the best versions of themselves by boosting confidence and spreading optimism, offering elite extension services without causing unnecessary harm to the client.

Sarah K. Wilks

My name is Sarah K Wilks. I am the creator of SKW extensions. I became a cosmetologist in 2006, a nurse in 2009, and a nurse practitioner in 2013. I have a strong passion for both fields so I merge the two together in practice.

Combining all my years of experience as a hair stylist and medical provider I have developed an elite extension method that focuses on the health of the hair and scalp. SKW is the first and only line of extensions to be developed by a medical provider.

I have over 700 certified SKW artists across the US, Canada and Australia. Each certified artist attended a full day hands on training with myself and my highly skilled staff. They are awarded a certificate of completion backed by private continuous education to keep them at a master level in extension artistry.

The SKW team consists of artists who have trained diligently to offer their clients the most elite extension method on the market. At SKW, we value each and every artist and support them to the fullest extent of craftsmanship. We stress the importance of continuing education to ensure our artists are at the top of their game. SKW is only as good as the work that is executed by its artists and it is our goal to make sure every stylist is 100% confident in their artistry.